Why Choose HSEIC?

Every organisation has a roster of mandatory trainings and workshops that must be conducted throughout the year. Within that expansive list, there are those certifications and trainings that must be carried out to fulfill the local or provincial government’s health and safety requirements. Providing health and safety trainings to employees is necessary to prevent accidents in the workplace. HSEIC plays its part in building safer communities by providing premium, international-standard health and safety trainings to all its clients.

For many years, HSEIC has been leading provider of Environmental, Health and Safety training, by developing a complete curriculum and training programs to empower EHS experts. Our broad catalog of safety training and certification courses are created for safety trainers, construction employees, safety managers and employees who deal with safety hazards.

"Safety must be a way of life”, the industry needs to know this message efficiently by understanding the principles of accident prevention at work.


Whether your business deals with the export of exotic fruits or the production of home textiles, managers and assistant managers on every tier of the organization must be made aware of their responsibilities towards ensuring a safe and secure work environment.  

All Health and Safety Training Courses by HSEIC offer numerous benefits: 

  • Each training, designed by HSEIC’s very own health and safety experts panel, empowers managers and supervisors with the specialized training, skills and knowledge to handle all possible health and safety incidents with confidence.
  • All health and safety training programs by HSEIC are custom-designed to suit the training requirements of our clients, down to tailoring segments for each learner’s particular training goals.
  • HSEIC’s training course content and guides are founded upon all relevant international standards, industry’s best practices and all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • HSEIC is a leading health safety and environment consultancy whose training and mentorship team consists of the top-most health and safety experts. Each trainer brings decades of valuable, specialized field experience to the training room. All our instructors regularly conduct safety and health trainings for both commercial and non-profit organizations for the benefit of the local communities.
  • We offer flexible start dates for all in-house trainings. HSEIC works with each client to schedule health and safety trainings and workshops that work best for their employees. Contact HSEIC today to book your organization's health and safety.

The mission of HSEIC

“To be your LINK-UP in building a SAFER Community." 

through effective and efficient sharing of knowledge and skills to the community and in grooming safety professionals.

No matter how many employees are working in an organization or how large the office’s premises are, there are potential safety hazards present in all workplace environments. It is the joint responsibility of the C-suite and top tier managers to protect their staff from all possible dangers during business hours.  

Enroll your staff in health and safety trainings by HSEIC and fulfill your organization’s obligations toward safety awareness protocols.

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