This online training platform of the Occupational Safety and Health Center designed to enable more Filipino workers worldwide to have access to online OSH training courses as an alternative mode of learning.

In line with Vision 1Million, the accessibility and availability of the online BOSH will help achieve V1M’s objective of increasing the number of OSH advocates who can assist establishments in complying with the OSH Standards.


The e-BOSH is made up of six units with nineteen modules. 

By the end of this course, you are expected to demonstrate the basic knowledge and skills on occupational safety and health (OSH) that will enable them to plan and/or develop their company’s  Safety and Health Program.

Specifically, you should be able to:

  • identify existing & potential OSH hazards and describe their effects to  the human body;
  • relate the effects of occupational illnesses and accidents to individuals, their families, communities and workplaces;
  • determine the appropriate control measures for specific hazards;
  • describe the roles and functions of safety officers in promoting a safe and healthy work environment;
  • identify the components of an OSH program; and
  • develop a workplace-specific OSH re-entry plan.



e-BOSH contains easy to absorb modules covering BOSH terminology, structure, concepts and processes.

25 Hours


Includes tutorials, study guides, interactive review, exams, badges and certification

e-BOSH Learning Road Map

Unit 1:    Introduction on OSH

  • Module 1 - OSH and the BOSH Framework 
  • Module 2 – OSH Situationer 
  • Module 3 - Unsafe / Unhealthy Acts and Conditions

Unit 2:   Occupation Safety

  • Module 4 – Housekeeping
  • Module 5 – Materials Handling and Storage
  • Module 6 – Fire Safety
  • Module 7 – Electrical Safety
  • Module 8 – Machine Safety 
  • Module 9 – PPE

Unit 3:   Occupation Environment

  • Module 10 – Industrial Hygiene
  • Module 11 – Control Measures

Unit 4:    Occupational Health

  • Module 12 - Occupational Health 

Unit 5:    Responses to OSH Issues and Concerns

  • Module 13 –  Safety and Health Inspection
  • Module 14 – Accident Investigation
  • Module 15 – OSH Legislations  / OSH Administration in the Philippines
  • Module 16 – OSH Programming
  • Module 17 – Workplace Emergency Preparedness (new) 
  • Module 18 – Employees Compensation Program (new)

Unit 5:    Re-Entry Planning

  • Module 19 - Occupational Health 


  • 30 Days Online Access
  • Online Examination
  • Certification
  • Course Study Guides